International Shia Day

12 JUNE, 2024

Your pledge helps reduce marginalization of this underrepresented population and stop the violence.

For Shia Rights We Stand

International Shia day intends to increase awareness about the struggles, rights, and achievements of Shia Muslims. This population is an underrepresented minority, violated against and marginalized. Global action is needed to accelerate Shia rights.

Leaders and human rights advocates are pledging to end Shia rights violations, not only on international Shia day, but everyday.

We stand with all Shia around the world in commemorating International Shia Rights Day #IntShiaDay #612ShiaDay
Ambassador David Saperstein
One of the worst massacres of modern times. 1700 young men killed by #ISIS last year. Remember them. #612ShiaDay
Today 550 minors in Bahrain will not attend school due to state incarceration. #612ShiaDay #LivefromDC
Jay'el Louis
“Humanity cannot afford to discriminate against any human person on the basis of creed, race or gender. Those who follow the Shi’a tradition of Islam deserve to be protected first, as human beings, and, then, as Muslims who practice all the fundamental teachings taught by the Prophet Muhammad and his family and associates. It is the duty of all Muslims to stand against the atrocities and oppression inflicted upon Shia Muslims.”
Dr. Abdulaziz Sachedina
I have been asked, why don’t we hear from Shia Muslims who were captured by ISIS, as we hear from Christians and Yazidis? My Response “Shia don’t survive these atrocities to be able to tell their stories”.
Mustafa AKhwand

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