2019: A Year of Clairvoyance

To shine a familiar light upon the injustices committed against Shia minority throughout the globe, we’d love for you to come visit us in the National Park this Shia Rights Day, June 12th at noon as we share a way to continue to look towards the sun. Sunglasses will be given out alongside a poem or two to allow you to see through the eyes of two cultures separated by a world of difference, but brought together through a universal experience.

As our climate grows ever more hostile and the tension in the air becomes nearly palpable, we must find reasons to stand in solidarity through our similarities rather than continue to clash opposed on the basis of difference. The Shia Rights Watch and its constituents acknowledge this and carry it in their hearts as they look towards the horizon of a brighter tomorrow, a vision we now invite all to share.

We challenge you to open your hearts and see that even though the world seems to grow darker, there still exist 612 reasons to flare brightly against it, together.